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Enable Real-time Personalized Customer Experience using Intelligent Selling Services of SAP Commerce Cloud

How do you accompany customers on their purchase journey in the best way possible? How do you capture the relevant contextual information, perform effective and efficient data analysis, and provide real-time individual experiences back to the customers? These are all covered by the Intelligent Selling Services for the SAP Commerce Cloud solution.

Intelligent Selling Services (ISS) for SAP Commerce Cloud is a cloud-native system that can capture and analyze contextual and behavioral data across customer journeys with SAP Commerce Cloud systems, then provides real-time customer experience merchandising and personalization. This means you will be able to provide one-to-one behaviourally driven product recommendations for known or unknown customers. The ISS also offers a powerful reporting tool with graphical, intuitive, and easy-to-use functionalities regarding different strategies of product merchandising and recommendations where you can access the click-through rate (CTR) or A/B Test Reporting.

At Langia we have extensive experience with creating a personalized experience for the end customer using SAP Commerce. In one of our B2B projects we worked with a job function-based approach adapting the content to create tailor-made access depending on if the visitor is a corporate buyer, engineer, specifier, or executive, but the concept can be transferred also to B2C and different interest groups. Contact us for more information on personalization with SAP Commerce!

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