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Enhance E-Commerce with Intelligent Selling Services of SAP Commerce Cloud

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, distinguishing oneself in e-commerce involves not just understanding customer needs but also anticipating them in real-time. SAP Commerce Cloud's Intelligent Selling Services (ISS) leads the way, transforming online shopping experiences through AI-driven personalisation and dynamic merchandising strategies. This blog explores how these intelligent services empower businesses to engage customers more effectively and achieve superior business outcomes. 

What is Intelligent Selling Services of SAP Commerce Cloud?

Intelligent Selling Services offers real-time personalisation through Recommendations and Merchandising product carousels. It also provides supporting testing, reporting, and management tools to understand, monitor, and enhance personalisation performance.

The Intelligent Selling Services for the SAP Commerce Cloud solution captures and analyses behavioural data in real-time throughout each customer's commerce journey to create bespoke customer experiences, optimised for both customer relevance and business impact.

Intelligent Selling Services provides real-time customer experience personalisation by recommending products from the initial click and continually updates its understanding of the customer and recommendations with each subsequent click. The ongoing feedback loop of this machine learning process enables Intelligent Selling Services to determine the most suitable product for that customer at that moment and continuously refine the recommendation based on the results of the interaction.

To maximise business impact, Intelligent Selling Services calculates product telemetry data in real time. This enables merchandisers to tailor the objectives of recommendations and the merchandising carousel to align with a business goal, such as maximising revenue. By integrating these elements, Intelligent Selling Services delivers product recommendations that are pertinent to the individual and aligned with the correct business objectives.

The Power of Real-Time Personalisation

At the heart of ISS lies its capability to harness real-time behavioural data, enabling businesses to deliver personalised shopping experiences at every customer touchpoint. From the moment a customer interacts with your online store, every click, view, and preference is tracked and analysed. This data powers the ISS algorithms, providing tailored product recommendations and content that resonate with individual customer needs and preferences.

Key Features:

  • Recommendations and Merchandising: Dynamically promote products using sophisticated algorithms that predict what customers are likely to buy next.
  • Trending Products: Identify and showcase products that are gaining popularity, using real-time data such as add-to-cart rates and conversion metrics.
  • Personalised Products: Offer one-to-one product suggestions based on a user’s browsing and purchase history, ensuring every recommendation feels personally crafted.

Enhancing Customer Engagement with ISS

The ISS framework not only personalises experiences but also enhances customer engagement through intuitive and interactive elements like product carousels. These carousels can be customised and positioned across different pages of an e-commerce site, providing a seamless browsing experience that helps maintain customer interest and encourages transactions.

Innovative Tools and Strategies:

  • A/B Testing: Optimise and refine your marketing strategies by testing different product mixes and analysing their performance.
  • Merchandising Reporting: Gain insights into merchandising effectiveness through detailed analytics on impressions, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Driving Business Impact

Intelligent Selling Services are designed not just to enhance user experiences but also to align closely with business objectives. By integrating ISS, businesses can set strategic goals for their merchandising efforts, such as maximising revenue or improving product visibility, and directly measure the impact of these goals through advanced reporting tools.

Business Benefits:

  • Improved Product Discovery: Make it easier for customers to find and engage with products that interest them, thereby increasing the likelihood of purchase.
  • Increased Conversion Rates and Average Order Value: Encourage more frequent purchases and higher spending through targeted recommendations and personalised promotions.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Build lasting relationships with customers by consistently meeting their expectations and providing relevant offers.

More Features

  • Related Products: This feature predicts the user’s next likely action, offering recommendations that align with the subsequent products they might click on. This proactive approach ensures a fluid shopping experience, making navigation intuitive and responsive to user behaviour.
  • Complementary Products: These recommendations enhance the shopping experience by suggesting products that complement items the user is currently interacting with, whether by viewing or adding to their cart. This feature helps create a more comprehensive shopping environment, encouraging larger basket sizes.
  • Replenishment Products: Targeting habitual purchases, this feature automatically suggests products that customers buy regularly. By predicting when a customer might need to repurchase, it simplifies the shopping process and encourages repeat sales, fostering a routine buying cycle.
  • Recently Viewed Products: This functionality allows users to see a list of items they have recently looked at, facilitating easy return to products they are considering. It enhances user convenience by removing the need to search again for previously viewed products.
  • Boosting: Similar to the Trending Products feature, Boosting allows businesses to influence the order of product recommendations based on performance metrics. This strategic tool helps push higher-performing products more prominently, potentially increasing their visibility and sales.
  • Multi-site Support: This feature enables the integration of multiple e-commerce sites under the SAP Commerce Cloud with Intelligent Selling Services, allowing each site to be optimised independently according to its specific audience and business objectives. This is particularly useful for businesses operating across different markets or regions, ensuring each site can achieve its best performance.
  • Product Filtering: Offering the option to include or exclude out-of-stock items or items already in the cart from recommendations, this feature ensures that customers see only those products that are relevant and available, enhancing the shopping experience.
  • Category Filtering: This tool restricts product recommendations to certain categories or subcategories, which can be especially useful for stores wanting to promote specific types of products or streamline the browsing experience in particular areas of their site.
  • Fixed Products: By placing certain products in a fixed position within the product mix, regardless of other influencing factors, businesses can ensure high visibility for key items, which might be essential during promotions or for new launches.

Leveraging Langia's Expertise with SAP Commerce Cloud's Intelligent Selling Services (ISS)

Langia, with its spearhead expertise in digital transformation and e-commerce solutions, is ideally positioned to help customers maximise the potential of SAP Commerce Cloud's Intelligent Selling Services (ISS). Our deep understanding of digital commerce and a proven track record of successful implementations enable us to deliver personalised shopping experiences that drive engagement and revenue growth.

At Langia, we recognise that each business has unique needs and challenges. Our approach begins with a thorough analysis of your business requirements and customer behaviour patterns. This insight forms the foundation for a tailored deployment of ISS, ensuring that the platform aligns perfectly with your strategic goals.

Our team of experts specialises in integrating ISS capabilities such as real-time behavioural analytics, personalised product recommendations, and dynamic merchandising into your existing commerce infrastructure. By harnessing these tools, Langia empowers your business to:

  • Enhance Customer Engagement: Utilise ISS’s advanced personalisation features to make every customer interaction more relevant and engaging.
  • Increase Conversion Rates: Leverage tailored recommendations and intelligent merchandising strategies to convert browsing into buying.
  • Optimise Marketing Efforts: With A/B testing and detailed merchandising reporting, we help you refine your marketing strategies and improve your return on investment.

Choose Langia to unlock the full potential of SAP Commerce Cloud's Intelligent Selling Services, and transform your e-commerce experience into a powerful engine for business success. Contact us today!

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