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Engage your customers on their own terms

Do you know that the SAP Commerce Cloud offers context-driven services that enable you to serve your customers individually with one-to-one personalization? 

The smart context-driven services are built upon machine learning and real-time customer insights that maximize conversions with behavior-based recommendations and personalized promotions. You will have real-time insights to understand each customer’s wants, needs, and preferences through their online buying journey and can build compelling, relevant storefront experiences with real-time personalized content, search, and intelligent merchandising. 

At Langia we have extensive experience with creating a personalized experience for the end customer using SAP Commerce. In one of our B2B projects we worked with a job function-based approach adapting the content to create tailor-made access depending on if the visitor is a corporate buyer, engineer, specifier, or executive, but the concept can betransferred also to B2C and different interest groups.

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