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Useful Features in SAP Commerce Cloud that you May Have Missed

SAP Commerce Cloud is an e-commerce platform with an extensive list of features and possibilities. It is not surprising that many useful features may not be fully discovered or utilized. Here are some examples: 

The product bundling feature in the pricing engine enables you to easily create complex and personalized product offerings of digital goods and services. The feature also allows you to have flexible pricing and availability rules based on customer selection. If your products are often bundled together, and you apply discounts or pricing a completed bundle from time to time, the product bundling feature will make your pricing process much more smooth. 

The Adaptive Search feature helps you to create dynamic search configurations to achieve a specific business objective. The adaptive search module supports the creation and management of search profiles to give a unique experience to your customers. It also gives the option to configure the sorting of the products on the listing page so that you can easily promote specific products. 

The Assisted Service Module is another powerful feature that helps you improve your customer conversions, retention, and loyalty. It enables your customer service personnel to provide real-time customer sales and service support using the same storefront across the omnichannel framework. The customer service can then perform the required actions in the SAP Commerce storefront on behalf of the customer, offering a better customer experience. 

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