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Useful Features in SAP Commerce Cloud that You May Have Missed

SAP Commerce Cloud is distinguished as an e-commerce platform abundant with features aimed at boosting business efficiency and customer engagement. It's not merely about online sales; it's about fostering a thriving digital commerce environment through sophisticated tools and modules suitable for both B2B and B2C frameworks. From dynamic product bundling to enhancements in real-time customer service, SAP Commerce Cloud equips businesses with the necessary tools to adapt, grow, and flourish in the constantly changing digital marketplace.

Product Bundling in the Pricing Engine

The Product Bundling feature in SAP Commerce Cloud is a significant advantage for businesses that regularly offer bundled products. This functionality not only makes it easier to create complex and tailored product bundles but also incorporates flexible pricing and availability rules that respond to customer choices. For businesses aiming to refine their pricing strategies and boost customer satisfaction, this tool is invaluable. It enables dynamic pricing adjustments and offers discounts on complete bundles, thus streamlining operations and boosting profitability.

Adaptive Search

Adaptive Search in SAP Commerce Cloud is crafted to transform how businesses manage their search capabilities. This module facilitates the creation and management of search profiles, allowing businesses to customise the search experience to meet their unique needs. By adjusting product sorting on listing pages, companies can effectively promote certain products, enhancing visibility and sales potential. This focused approach not only betters the customer experience by simplifying product discovery but also boosts conversion rates by strategically positioning products according to business objectives.

Assisted Service Module

The Assisted Service Module is particularly advantageous for enhancing customer interactions and loyalty. It enables customer service staff to connect in real-time with customers, providing sales and support directly through the storefront. This capability is essential for businesses looking to improve their omnichannel strategy, making online customer interactions as seamless and effective as those in-store. By allowing service representatives to conduct transactions on behalf of customers, this feature significantly improves the overall customer experience, which could enhance retention and loyalty.

Intelligent Selling Services (ISS)

Intelligent Selling Services (ISS) within SAP Commerce Cloud revolutionises e-commerce personalisation by utilising machine learning to analyse behavioural data in real time, thus creating highly personalised customer experiences from the first interaction. This service refines its recommendations with each customer interaction, improving the relevance and timeliness of product suggestions. ISS personalises the shopping experience and aligns product recommendations with business objectives like revenue maximisation, and leveraging real-time product telemetry data analysis. Key benefits of ISS include enhanced product discovery, increased brand engagement, higher conversion rates, and improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, making it a critical tool for businesses aiming to use advanced technology to boost sales and strengthen customer relations in a competitive e-commerce environment.



SAP Commerce SmartEdit provides content managers with powerful tools to create, manage, and instantly publish content across various platforms. Featuring Single Sign-On (SSO) for effortless authentication across applications, SmartEdit boosts user efficiency through the integration of multiple operational modes and a navigation bar for rapid access to key management features. It offers extensive content management capabilities, including managing email pages, content catalogs, and advanced page status management to ensure that only approved content goes live. SmartEdit also allows for the modification of shared components across multiple pages and includes features such as content slots and components that assist in assembling detailed catalogs. Moreover, content versioning is available, offering the ability to create, preview, search, roll back, and delete page versions. Additionally, SmartEdit incorporates navigation management to simplify menu setups, synchronization between staged and live content versions, and workflows for content approval. It supports multi-country site configurations, enabling the sharing of content across various sites of a brand. Enhanced with click tracking for better functionality and feedback mechanisms, SmartEdit delivers a comprehensive solution for sophisticated content management within SAP Commerce Cloud.

Composable Storefront (Spartacus)

The SAP Commerce Composable Storefront, formerly known as Spartacus, is a sleek, Angular-based JavaScript storefront that enhances the SAP Commerce Cloud by exclusively interacting through the Commerce REST API. Designed for extensibility and progressive alignment with Progressive Web Application (PWA) standards, the Composable Storefront is continuously updated to embrace the latest technologies and improvements, ensuring it remains current with minimal user effort. Its journey towards full PWA compliance aims to deliver superior customer experiences across all devices and locations by supporting all major PWA features. Being open source, the Composable Storefront benefits from ongoing development by the SAP Commerce Cloud team, which fosters collaboration and innovation. The storefront includes vital e-commerce features such as a home page, search functionality, product categories, detailed product views, cart management, checkout processes, and order history tracking, making it a comprehensive tool for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence and user engagement.


The Subscriptions module in SAP Commerce Cloud is specifically designed to address the needs of subscription-based sales, providing a solid framework for businesses to effectively manage subscriptions. This module enables business users to easily configure subscription-based pricing models, define pricing periods, and set detailed subscription terms and conditions. It facilitates the management of subscription frequencies, durations, renewals, entitlements, and metering, offering extensive tools that support rapid deployment and innovation. Furthermore, the module includes functionalities for defining pricing models and entitlements, as well as billing events and plans for subscription products. The Subscription Bundles feature further enhances this offering, integrating with the Configurable Bundles module to test and deploy combined product offerings, thereby increasing the flexibility and capability of businesses to efficiently meet diverse market demands.


SAP Commerce Cloud Accelerator is a robust web implementation template designed to expedite the deployment of SAP Commerce Cloud, enabling businesses to quickly launch a feature-rich and flexible commerce solution. These include various modules and industry-specific accelerators, such as the B2C, B2B, and China Accelerators, along with specialised versions for sectors including Financial Services, Telco and Utilities, Travel, and Citizen Engagement. This comprehensive suite of accelerators allows organisations to discover and deploy tailored solutions that meet specific industry needs, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of SAP Commerce Cloud implementations.

Integrations Pack

The SAP Commerce Cloud Integration Extension Pack is an essential component for businesses seeking to seamlessly integrate their e-commerce platform with various SAP products, enhancing customer experiences and backend system integrations. This extension pack provides out-of-the-box solutions designed for easy integration with SAP S/4HANA, ERP, CRM, SAP Marketing Cloud, and SAP Sales Cloud, among others. It enables businesses to utilise existing master data platforms and streamline the deployment of SAP Commerce Cloud solutions without extensive customisation. Delivered separately and updated more frequently than the core SAP Commerce Cloud platform, the integration extension pack facilitates quick adoption of new features and integration methods as they become available. Additionally, it includes a range of pre-developed integration solutions that interact directly with SAP platform APIs, facilitating tailored integration scenarios that meet specific business needs without additional custom development. The strategic focus of the SAP Customer Experience moving forward involves utilising Integration API and SAP Cloud Integration for minimal configuration integration, enhancing scalability, monitoring, and testing capabilities within the SAP ecosystem.

Langia, with its cutting-edge expertise in SAP Commerce Cloud, stands as an indispensable partner for businesses seeking to maximise the potential of features. Our team of seasoned experts not only assists in the seamless integration of these functionalities but also offers tailored support and strategic guidance to ensure that our clients leverage these tools to their fullest. Our hands-on approach helps to refine user experience, increase operational efficiency, and drive sales growth, making Langia a pivotal player in enabling companies to thrive in the digital commerce landscape. With Langia's support, businesses can transform their digital platforms into dynamic and customer-centric ecosystems, fully equipped to meet today's market demands and tomorrow's opportunities. Reach out today to start your journey towards enhanced digital efficiency and success.

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