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How can e-commerce business survive a bear market

With stocks tumbling into a bear market and prices on nearly everything continuing to soar, e-commerce businesses are facing great challenges. Consumers are buying fewer goods and shopping less due to the sky-high inflation. How can you steer your e-commerce business through this bear market and prepare for a potential economic downturn?

You can focus on profitable outcomes by implementing intelligent fulfillment practices in e-commerce. Here are some examples:

  • Offer customers the option of receiving multiple orders in one package. This simple setting will enable you to reduce the delivery cost dramatically. 
  • Offer a discount for customers who choose to pick up their purchases at a physical store. It does not only reduce your delivery costs but also makes your e-commerce more sustainable by minimizing unnecessary packaging. 
  • Create subscription ordering and fulfillment capabilities to optimize your business and create more predictable revenue. You need a powerful e-commerce platform that allows customers to easily set up personalized subscriptions. 
  • Optimize your e-commerce platform. A well-developed e-commerce solution is more important than ever.  Your platform should outperform your competitors in customer experience to keep your business growing.

At Langia we have extensive experience in creating a personalized experience for the end customer using SAP Commerce. We offer highly specialized experts who can help you remain agile to respond effectively to evolving consumer habits, and enhance the omnichannel customer experience to stay competitive. Our leading SAP Commerce experts, many of whom have a background with SAP or Hybris itself ensure excellent quality in our delivery and have experience from major international end customers and projects. Contact us for more information!

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