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Increase revenue and scalability with SAP Commerce Cloud

Did you know that a case study conducted by Forrester Consulting examined the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises realized by deploying SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Customer Data Cloud? They found out that the SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Customer Data Cloud have together helped companies to create an ROI of 269% and NPV (Net present value) of €39.88M. The cloud solutions also have a direct effect on the revenues with an increase of 14%. The SAP Commerce Cloud has enabled companies to have time-to-market improvements by 70% on speed and scaling efforts. 

Access the full report here:

At Langia we have extensive experience with moving on-premise SAP Commerce to the Cloud, regardless if it is an SAP hosted solution or a customized one (eg. AWS, where we are successfully running SAP Commerce for those who want to remain in 100% control). We believe that Cloud is the future with great benefits in scalability and flexibility and we see it across industries with companies moving towards cloud-native designs. SAP Commerce can be hosted on a public cloud, or on SAP infrastructure, or even on your own cloud. Langia can help you figure out how to make the move and to achieve continuous integration going forward. 

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