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Nudge your organization towards a successful IT transformation

Organization change is usually not the most popular part of an IT project, since it means people will have to change the way they work and they think. But an organizational change is also one of the most important keys to a successful transformation. How can we find the best ways to help people make the change? The trick is called NUDGE. 

A nudge is a small push in the right direction. You can help people make better choices by creating conditions that encourage that choice. The EAST framework (Easy, Attractive, Social, Timely) developed by the Behavioural Insights Team offers useful guidelines.

E - Make it Easy

Simplify the change messages and the change itself. Break your complex processes down into simpler and easier actions to make them more likely to be adopted.

A - Make it Attractive

Design rewards and sanctions for maximum effect. Financial incentives are often highly effective, but alternative incentive designs — such as company awards or recognition from managers — also work well and often cost less.

S - Make it Social

Show that most people are making the change by using the power of networks. Encourage people to make a commitment to others. You can foster networks to enable collective action, provide mutual support, and encourage behaviors to spread peer-to-peer.

T - Make it Timely

Prompt people when they are likely to be most receptive. There is a substantial gap between intentions and actual behavior. A proven solution is to prompt people to identify the barriers to action and develop a specific plan to address them. 

We at Langia have extensive experience in organizational transformation for successful IT projects. We can help you achieve a smooth implementation while still keeping your daily business running without disturbance. We offer highly specialized experts who can help you to remain agile, respond effectively to evolving consumer habits, and enhance the omnichannel customer experience to stay competitive. Contact us to learn more!

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