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Improve your Customer Experience with Headless E-Commerce

Are you missing the opportunity to offer your customers convenient, intuitive, and meaningful buying experiences across a range of digital touchpoints? Have you heard of headless e-commerce? 

A headless e-commerce platform can help you drive more revenue through multiple digital and emerging channels, support complex selling models, and help future-proof your business. The platform has a de-coupled front- and back-end, separating the storefront from core e-commerce functionality. It empowers you with the freedom to launch, test, and optimize exciting, app-like shopping experiences and not have to deal with underlying back-office constraints. Many e-commerce players have already adopted this cost-effective approach to offer their customers a better and snappier user experience. 

We at Langia can help you achieve headless e-commerce on your SAP Commerce platform. We provide leading-edge SAP Commerce competence with skilled developers, architects, business analysts, and quality assurance specialists strengthening your e-commerce team for shorter or longer periods. We can help you quickly scale up your omnichannel engagements and drive sales through multiple channels without giving up any of the stability and performance needed to run your business at its best.

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