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5 Tips on How to Get Ready for the Coming Holiday Season

Holidays are on their way - Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. Is your business ready for the coming holiday season? How about your e-commerce platform? Performance is crucial for your business and key to your success during the holiday period. Here are five tips on how you can get prepared now. 

No.1 Define your goals

  • What are the business expectations for this year?
  • What are minimum/shoot-the-moon sales goals?
  • Are special promotions planned? How will they be marketed? 

No.2 Performance testing

Some recommended practices for performance tests:

  • Identify Non-Functional Requirements (performance, compatibility, security, etc.) early
  • Test all changes, ideally with each build
  • Ensure you have the right expertise

No.3 Plan

Run tests early to determine if any additional infrastructure is required. Coordinate between different functions including marketing, IT, product managers, and content managers. Define fallback strategies - for example, prepare a degraded mode for emergency cases.

No.4 Recommendations

If your e-commerce platform is not on the latest version, at least keep it on the latest patch for your version. You should also limit access to critical applications or functionalities.

No.5 Database Performance

The database is the most common bottleneck and its performance has the highest impact on your e-commerce platform. Make sure your database is scaled and optimized.  

At Langia we have extensive experience in optimizing projects based on SAP Commerce, removing the bottlenecks, and making the whole solution future-proof. To help we bring a pool of leading SAP Commerce experts, who have experience from major international end customers and projects. In many cases, our consultants also have a background with SAP (formerly Hybris) itself ensuring a profound platform understanding and excellent quality in our delivery. Contact us for more information!

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