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Avoid these Common Pitfalls when Migrating to SAP Commerce Cloud

Migrating your existing solution to SAP Commerce Cloud is challenging with all the aspects that need to be taken into consideration.  Some common pitfalls can be avoided if you know your way around. Here are some examples: 

A common mistake is to only partially complete the migration to SAP Commerce Cloud, but keep middleware and integrations in customized on-prem solutions, this can lead to issues with business-critical interfaces like order export or product import. A stop in those interfaces will cost you time and money. Consider proper SAP Cloud integration and take the full step to the cloud to secure your business.

Another pitfall is simply looking for more Java specialists to strengthen the team. SAP Commerce Cloud is Java-based but not all Java developers can become Commerce Cloud experts over the night. Without the right expertise and competence on the team, your transformation project will take longer, cost more, and potentially break down. 

At Langia we have extensive experience with moving on-premise SAP Commerce to the Cloud, regardless if it is an SAP hosted solution or a customized one. Having Langia as your partner means no more worries about the pitfalls since our Commerce experts have you covered. We believe that Cloud is the future with great benefits in scalability and flexibility and we see it across industries with companies moving towards cloud-native designs. Langia can help you figure out how to make the move and to achieve continuous integration going forward.

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