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Optimize your product content management with SAP Commerce Cloud

Are you dealing with product content management with SAP Commerce or Hybris? Are you struggling with complicated third-party integrations? With SAP Commerce you can manage all your product content from a single information repository. Organize multiple catalogs in numerous languages and content including attributes, images, editorial content, and videos. Enrich descriptions and engage customers with user-generated content. Use a single source of truth that helps ensure content consistency across all channels while also supporting collaboration, via built-in workflows, between departments, reducing time to market and cutting costs. SAP Commerce Cloud helps to simplify product content management while improving productivity and efficiency. 

At Langia we have extensive experience with product content management on SAP Commerce, both third-party integrations and on platform management. We have the expertise to remove performance bottlenecks and making your product management system future-proof. To help we bring a pool of leading SAP Commerce experts, many of whom have a background with SAP (formerly hybris) itself ensuring excellent quality in our delivery. 

Contact us today for more information on optimizing product content management with SAP Commerce or Hybris! 

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