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Waterfall, Agile, or Hybrid?

Waterfall, Agile, or Hybrid? This is the first question that you should answer before running any projects in full steam. 


Waterfall is the traditional approach to project management with fixed scope and requirements. The crown jewel of waterfall is its pre-planned process, which enables organizations easily plan and allocate resources. However, waterfall leaves no room for changes of requirements once the project is kicked off. Waterfall is a reasonable approach if you have a project without a continuous need for adaptation or with very clear requirements, something that is quite uncommon in contemporary software projects.


Agile is all about flexibility. It is an iterative-based approach where the project is broken down into various iterations or sprints. Changes can be made throughout the project for continuing to improve the product after its initial release. However, a successful agile project requires a high-functioning project team who embraces the changes and is also highly dedicated to the project and a management organization that understands there might be changes in priorities and deliveries, and there will not be exact timelines or go-live dates. A fluid approach that aims to meet customer needs and where tasks with the most value to the delivery will go first.

Agile-Waterfall Hybrid

The hybrid methodology combines the structure of waterfall and the adaptability of agile implementations. If the project has a set budget and delivery date but would benefit from agile’s fast design, analysis, and planning, hybrid could be an option to consider. However, you need to be careful with incorporating a hybrid methodology - it often results in working under the name of agile but running waterfall in reality. 

The choice is not easy. You need to take all aspects into consideration and weigh the pros and cons to decide which method would fit your requirements in the best way: scope, schedule, budget, quality, resources, stakeholders, organizational change, and so on. 

We at Langia have extensive experience in organizational transformation for successful IT projects. We can help you achieve a smooth implementation while still keeping your daily business running without disturbance. We offer highly specialized experts who can help you to remain agile, respond effectively to evolving consumer habits, and enhance the omnichannel customer experience to stay competitive. Contact us to learn more!

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