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Thriving on Change - The Path to Profitable E-commerce in Retail

Digital commerce has completely reshaped over the past two decades, and then accelerated during the global pandemic. Oxford Economics and SAP conducted a global survey of 500 business executives in e-commerce during the spring of 2022. The survey showed that the retailers’ satisfaction with the current capabilities of their e-commerce solution is underwhelming.

This is because the retail industry's many strategic goals depend on having a robust, agile, and scalable e-commerce platform. The changing consumer preferences and business models are demanding that retailers transform their businesses. The bottom line is that retailers need rich features, agile and scalable platforms to meet their strategic goals, and the game keeps getting harder. 

Retailers should take the following actions:

  • Deliver omnichannel experiences that connect digital and real-world experiences.
    Reaching customers where they are is of paramount importance for retailers. Creating digital interactions that are seamlessly integrated with subsequent in-store actions.
  • Double-down on analytics to increase the value of data.
    Gathering the right information from customers and giving employees access to this information leads to success-with powerful analytic tools.
  • Leave the door open for future innovations such as Augmented Reality technology.
    E-commerce innovation shows no sign of slowing. AR technology is one of those technologies that have really started to take off among retailers. 

At Langia we have extensive experience in optimizing projects based on SAP Commerce, removing the bottlenecks, and making the whole solution future-proof. To help we bring a pool of leading SAP Commerce experts, who have experience from major international end customers and projects. Langia is also the mother company of ARscandinavia AB and TechAR Venture Fund AB which invest in cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. Contact us for more information!

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