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Top 3 Ways to Connect with Customers in 2023

Consumers today expect more than just a product or service – they expect a first-rate experience too. With all the brands competing in the market, it may seem hard to stand out. How do you connect with customers and become their favorite? Here are the top 3 ways to connect.

No.1 Connect with your customers via the subscription model

McKinsey research states 35% of consumers who are partial to a subscription box have three or more active subscriptions making this an attractive market. Brands that need frequent replenishing have realized they are best placed to create subscription services, so customers are never without their favorite products, especially in the beauty, clothing, and food industry.

No.2 Marketing a lifestyle

Connecting with customers is about selling a lifestyle and an experience. Luxury brands have excelled at this, but this kind of experience does not need to stop at luxury. By marketing your product into a lifestyle, it means that when the time comes to invest in purchases, your brand stays top of mind as customers want to be part of the culture they have invested their emotions in.

No.3 B2B goes direct-to-consumer

How do you stay relevant as a B2B business? To connect better with customers, B2B brands are increasingly moving into the direct-to-consumer space. For example, the brand behemoth Unilever, which historically sold wholesale to supermarkets and the like, has recognized the need to build up individual brands to create tribes of consumers for each product via social media and dedicated websites. This is a prime example of a business recognizing the strength of its brand, building on the safety and security that comes with a B2B background, and diversifying its business model to attract new customers.

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