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E-Commerce Acceleration Has Changed the Game for B2B

Research showed that 80% of B2B buyers now expect convenient purchasing experiences similar to those offered by B2C websites, and demand for more transparent, digitally-driven purchases from a deeper catalog is becoming the “new normal” across industries. The recent shifts in customer needs and behaviors, coupled with rising competitive threats, are compelling distributors and manufacturers to manage a powerful e-commerce platform so that they can engage their customers and deliver on evolving expectations.

Launching and growing a successful B2B e-commerce platform requires having the right technology, team, and ecosystem in place from the onset:

  • Technology - A secure and scalable platform that supports all of your e-commerce objectives.
  • Expertise - Dedicated team of experts with proven methodologies for developing, launching, and scaling your platform.
  • Ecosystem - A powerful network of sellers and partners to grow capabilities and fuel ongoing success. 

At Langia we have extensive experience in optimizing projects based on SAP Commerce, removing the bottlenecks, and making the whole solution future-proof. To help we bring a pool of leading SAP Commerce experts, who have experience from major international end customers and projects. In many cases, our consultants also have a background with SAP (formerly Hybris) itself ensuring a profound platform understanding and excellent quality in our delivery. Contact us to learn more!

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