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Lifted restrictions – How will it affect the e-commerce business?

It is hard to ignore that covid-19 has meant a big leap forward for the e-commerce business. Consumers often had no choice but to shop online and the businesses had to adapt to the new reality. The question is whether this industry will continue its ongoing acceleration even after lifted restrictions.

A new research from the finance startup Credit Karma shows that 70% of British consumers prefer shopping online and on mobile. Compared to pre-pandemic it was less than half of the surveyed that did. Additionally, more than half of the consumers stated that their online shopping has increased since the start of the pandemic. 

With Black Friday and the Christmas holiday coming up, the new online shopping behaviour does not seem to slow down. It is crucial to keep up and follow the trends in the business. At Langia we are always one step ahead. We offer specialists that have extensive experience integrating all kinds of different technologies with the e-commerce platform. Furthermore, we provide leading-edge SAP Commerce competence with skilled consultants strengthening your e-commerce team for shorter or longer periods.

Please get in touch with us for a complete overview, we might already have experience with the particular interface you want to work with.

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