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Higher productivity by working remotely

A hot topic right now is whether we should go back to working onsite as we start to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Due to Covid-19 we have witnessed a shift in the job market. Companies all over the world have sent their employees home to work remotely in a safer environment. 

Although some of us might have experienced initial struggles with the working environment in the new remote reality, for many working from home turned out to be better than anticipated and in fact even resulted in higher productivity and happier employees in many cases. The freedom that a flexible schedule brings means reduced stress levels and improved health. Being able to spend more time with family and on hobbies by not having to commute is another clear benefit. Employees also seem to be more productive working remotely as it means less small talk and fewer interruptions, more efficient meetings and better focus.

For us at Langia, much of this new remote reality is nothing new. We have long experience with working remotely and still delivering large and complex SAP Commerce projects successfully. We provide skilled developers, architects, business analysts and quality assurance specialists that have the highest seniority level, are used to agile development methods and transparent working methods no matter if they are offsite or onsite. At Langia we believe that a flexible working environment is the future of the job market and with thriving employees we deliver outstanding quality in our projects from multiple, simultaneous locations.

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